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Wholesale NFL Jerseys.For me, the NFL playoffs are much like Christmas morning for a kid. Unfortunately, the Wild Card Weekend this year was like that first Christmas where you are an adult. Most of your gifts are practical things like socks, underwear and if you live in the Northeast, some sort of mechanism to clean your car. Outside of one half of the Giants-Packers the games were mostly blowouts. We did get to see Matt Moore nearly decapitated on live television, so that was nice.NFL Jerseys China.The good news is the Divisional Round is normally the best football weekend of the year in terms of talent and volume. I absolutely love three of the games this weekend, and the fourth features my beloved Patriots taking on a team that would barely win the MAC title in college.Let’s dive into this week’s top fantasy plays.  I scoured each game on the NFL schedule for desperation DFS plays that (almost) no one else would consider, hoping that they would hit.This approach will be even more important during the playoffs this weekend. On a four-game slate, trying to give you someone with 1% ownership is going to be near impossible. So, we’re going to try and find some low ownership spots for each game.NFL Jerseys Outlet.


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