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It’s third-and-10 at the Minnesota 39-yard line with 10 seconds on the clock and the Vikingsdown 24-23.Cheap NFL Jerseys.All the Vikings really needed to do was to get the ball down the field far enough for a reasonable field-goal attempt, say inside the Saints 35-yard line, for a long one. That meant get it to a receiver, get out of bounds to stop the clock, and send out Kai Forbath and the kicking team. Minnesota has a sad history with game-winning field-goal attempts. But it was the smart play, the play that the Vikings were attempting when they called the “seven heaven” play, something they’ve practiced many times before.A receiver on the outside runs a seven route down the field and near the boundary.Wholesale Jerseys.The “heaven” part comes from the idea that if the receiver on the seven route catches it, good things will happen.Diggs was the angel designated for heavenly things on that play. He’s lined up in trips on the right side of the Vikings’ offensive formation with tight end Kyle Rudolph and wide receiver Jarius Wright.Rudolph runs a short route down the sideline, and Wright runs a little deeper, but not as far down the field as Diggs. It’s their job to look for the throw, catch it, and get out of bounds, which is the safe thing to do on that play.


The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to the AFC Championship to play the New England Patriots. Even after a season in which the Jags played objectively excellent football — a 10-6 record, plus-149 point differential, the eighth-best team by DVOA — that still feels weird to say.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.The Jaguars have been a punchline for so long — still are a punchline, in fact — that it’s easy to assume this will all go wrong. There’s evidence that it should. NFL teams only move out of their stations with great effort. We tend to see the same teams in the playoffs every year. And especially when a good team has a mediocre quarterback, we assume that team is doomed. Hence, the Steelers were 7-point favorites.The Jaguars beat them in a thriller Sunday. They won deservingly, in all the ways that make them a big problem for the Patriots next week. Cheap Authentic Jerseys.They were fast, tough, and opportunistic, embodying all of the potential that young teams have over veteran ones.They looked Super Bowl capable, basically. Which is a long way from saying that’s where they’re going, and I say that because the Patriots have been another deviation better than everyone in the postseason this century. They should be comfortable favorites in Foxborough next week.

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